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Stephen Gallagher

Upcoming Events

August 31st – at the end of this month – you should be able to find me in Derby for Whooverville, the Annual East Midlands get-together organised by Derby’s local Doctor Who group.

The event will be held at the QUAD arts venue at Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby. DE1 3AS. The impressive list of fellow guests includes Sarah Sutton and Sophia Myles.

And on September 14th I’ll be chatting, reading, panelling, and doing whatever else may be required of me as a guest of The English Bookshop at Svartbäcksgatan 19, Uppsala, Sweden, in an event that will also feature authors R J Barker, Juliet McKenna, and Steven Savile, who first set the ball rolling.

3 responses to “Upcoming Events”

  1. Sounds like you are keeping busy.

    But may i take this opportunity to say 'Thank you Mr Gallagher!'

    I finally got around to reading Melody James. I have had it on my Kindle for some time, but I still prefer the tactile reading experience so I bought the physical thing (as mentioned in a previous comment, I appreciate a good book cover too. Liking all your redesigned current book covers by the way).

    I didn't expect to be disappointed when I read Melody James – and I wasn't. Thank you for another great read!

    There are quite a few authors that I regularly read/follow, and a number of new writers that impress. But there are only a few I can truly say never disappoint.

    Stories that are consistently so well written, so lovingly and carefully crafted, with characters and plots that draw you in so fully and convincingly to the world they inhabit, are a fairly rare find. Back in the the late seventies and early eighties, when I was a student, my love of reading fiction started with James Herbert, Stephen Donaldson, Stephen King, Richard Mattheson and early Dean Koontz to name just a few. And a little later, along with Robert McCammon I discovered you too. The list has grown considerably since then, but two consistent favourites have always been yourself and Graham Joyce (so sad that Graham passed away a few years ago now). In simple terms, for me, I guess I would sum up yourself and Graham as 'great writers' and 'great storytellers' – you often get one or the other or a partial blend of both, but it is such a joy when the two qualities are so well crafted as a 'whole' that the result is such a pleasure to read.

    So thank you for giving me so many stories to enjoy.

    Are there any authors you have found similarly inspiring, that you would recommend? And, more importantly – have you another novel/novella in the pipeline? If so, please hurry up, I can't wait!


  2. Peter, thanks so much for those kind words, and for the honour of bracketing me with the much-missed Graham Joyce, as fine a person as he was a writer. If I could throw a couple of recommendations your way, let me urge you to try anything by Joe Lansdale (though The Magic Wagon remains a personal favourite) and perhaps take a look at Tim Lees' Frankestein's Prescription, which I first read in hardcover as an awards submission and which, when I learned that there was no paperback in view, I offered to publish under the Brooligan imprint.

    And yes, I've something new in hand… just a few thousand words in, but going strong.